Digitize Photo Project

Photos from my ancestor's collections


Digitized still photos produced by Paul W. Konopacki

Over the years, I have digitized photos taken by my ancestors and me. These are mainly negatives and prints accumulated by my parents and grandparents throughout the 1900s that reflect the lives of Danish immigrants and where their descendants lived in the United States. The images are in various groups (albums), mostly based on who are in the photos, where or when they were taken.

I have been sharing these images on the internet for others to enjoy. This allows you to help me identify people, places and dates that may be missing from a photo. I have given these tens of thousands of images a unique ID so that searching for one individual image is pretty easy, especially when you need me to update its title or metadata with better information. If I referred you to this page, I probably gave you a Group ID to help you find the photo album of interest to you. Contact me with any changes or additions you may have - even if it is just a story about the event portrayed in the photo. Please include the file name for easy reference.

This is a link to All my photo albums on Flickr.

Album Name

Walter Konopacki. Before he was stationed in Japan with the USAF.
Right after Helga Koch and Walter Konopacki were married, they moved to Japan to live on a USAF base.
Walt and Helga are back in the U.S. This is where Barb and I were born.
We were living in USAF base housing here for a couple years before moving back to Luck, Wisconsin.
My family lived here 1 year before my dad, Walt Konopacki, retired. This is where I went to first grade.
Walt Konopacki spent the last years of his USAF military career overseas.
Old postcards that were probably collected by Holger and Dora Koch.
Dumping ground for documents and physical article scans that were mementos from my mom's collection.
Here is her collection; the pictures, any printing on the back, envelopes and notes she took as she accumulated the replies.
Photos from Hans and Holger Koch that look like they are very old and perhaps taken in Denmark.
Helga Koch went to college here.
After graduating in 1950 from Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa, Helga took a job at a bank in Carlsbad, New Mexico.
Various friends of the Walt Konopacki family. Dumping ground for misc. group and school photos.
Friends of the Walt Konopacki family.
Viola was Helga Koch's best friend when they lived in Kimballton, Iowa in the 1940s.
Leta was a friend of Helga Koch when she lived in Kimballton, Iowa in the 1940s.
Friends of the Walt Konopacki family.
Friends of the Walt Konopacki family.
Jean was a roommate of Helga Koch while at Cornell College.
The Walt Konopacki family knew the Rainey's during time in the USAF.
Esther Arine was the cousin of Helga Koch. She retired to the Solvang, California area.
John Mohlencamp was in the USAF with Walt Konopacki.
Vern Koch was the brother of Helga Koch. He was in the Navy, then worked for Control Data in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
John Konopaski is Walt Konopacki's brother. The family mostly lives in Michigan.
Any pictures taken of the house or on the lawn of the house I grew up in, in Luck, Wisconsin. During my lifetime or before.
Photos from various sources of Luck, Wisconsin and surrounding areas/towns (Frederic, St. Croix Falls, etc.)
Photos of the West Denmark community (church, buildings, people, events, community hall, etc.) This includes Highway N and Little Butternut Lake area.
Photos of the college, mainly taken by Holger and Sigrid Koch, and Dora Lauritzen, when they were students.
Ejvind and Ellen Sorensen family.
Mostly of my life in Detroit, Michigan area, and the first few years of living in St. Louis, Missouri.
When sister Barb was living in Colorado Springs, CO and before marriage.
All photos taken at the West Denmark Family Camp by me or family members prior to 2014. After 2014 photos will be in their own album.
Christmastime at the Walt Konopacki home on north shore of Little Butternut Lake near Luck, Wisconsin.
Danebod is a historic district in the city of Tyler, Minnesota. Many people from West Denmark, Wisconsin went to Danish events there.
Old photos of Hans Koch and Ane Jacobsen, their children and friends. (Most of these could go in other albums)
Ove R. Nielsen, his ancestors and descendents. Ela Koch, his wife, was Helga Koch's sister.
Holger Koch and his 2nd wife, Thora Dixon. They lived in Askov, Minnesota, then retired in Solvang, California.
My mom's mother was Dora Lauritzen. They lived in Dwight, Illinois, Viborg and Centerville, South Dakota.
In September of 2016, I drove to Viborg, South Dakota where my cousin Lester Lauritzen lived. He had recently died. The local Danish museum let me scan some of his old photos.
Photos of the Walt Konopacki family during family vacations and visits in the 1960 and 1970s. These photos cross album topics at some times.
Photos of Paul and Barb Konopacki in school and social groups and college. Mid 1970- Mid 1980s.
Photos of the Holger Koch family when they lived in these two towns in Iowa, as well as managed the Roxy Clay Works brickyard 1 mile south of Kimballton, Iowa.
Photos of Holger and Dora Koch when they lived in Denmark, Kansas. This was Holger's first ministry. I visited here in 2016.
Photos of Holger and Dora Koch when they lived in Nysted, Nebraska for a couple years and taught at the Nysted Folk High School (1926-1927ish)
I visited Nysted in 2016. I met a local historian at the St. Peder's church. She allowed me to scan some of her history albums.
Photos from when the Lauritzen family (mainly Dora) lived or visited these towns. Our Savior Lutheran Church is prominent.
Photos of Holger when he was in the army in 1917-1919.
Photos that I haven't found the correct album for.